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About Capstera Business Architecture and Capability Mapping Software


    What is Capstera?

    Capstera is an easy to use, full-featured business architecture and capability mapping software. Learn More


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Business friendly business architecture software

  • Unlike other complex business
    architecture software solutions,
    Capstera is an easy to use and intuitive
    business architecture tool

  • Capstera combines the best in class
    elements of business architecture
    and capability mapping without
    making it burdensome or

  • You can get started with Capstera
    immediately with a cloud based SAAS
    solution. However, if you need
    enterprise installation, Capstera can
    install behind your firewall

Capstera is a Business Capability Modeling and Business Architecture Tool

With Capstera, crafting business architecture is a breeze


    Business Capability Mapping

    Leverage Capstera software to create, manage and harness business capability maps


    Value Streams

    Capstera allows users to create step-by-step Business Architecture Value Streams.


    Process Maps

    Use Capstera to define process maps as an underlying level detail of Value Streams



    Define Strategy with Capstera to understand the business motivation and direction



    Combine Capabilities to manifest a product, platform, project.


    Technology Landscape

    Compile an inventory of Business Applications, SOA Services, Data and Technologies and harness them by associating with Capabilities.



    Map relationships between different entities – primary associations and interrelationships – to develop business architecture views.



    Draft Features and Specifications on what needs to be done to evolve Capabilities to a desired state.



    Conduct detailed Assessments and Evaluations of various entities for understanding the current state


Who should use Capstera?

Capstera is a business friendly business architecture tool. The following are some key users who will benefit from Capstera business architecture solution.

  • Business Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Products/Program/Project Managers
  • Business Analysts and Systems Analysts
  • IT Executives

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