Business Architecture Consulting

CAPSTERA offers Business Architecture consulting services spanning the entire lifecycle of business architecture, capability mapping, platform definition, capability-based vendor evaluation, merger integration and others. Capstera consultants possess deep industry expertise and business architecture and capability mapping skill set, which combined with the Capstera framework and supported by our software, delivers efficient solutions and effective results

Business Architecture Consulting Services by Capstera

Business Architecture Consulting Offerings

  • Capabilities-based Business Integration

  • Capstera Pilot Project

  • Capstera Strategy Optimization

  • Capabilities-based Organizational Design

  • Capabilities to IT Services Transition

  • Capabilities-based Vendor Evaluation

  • Capabilities-based App Portfolio Rationalization

Business Architecture Consulting Offerings


    CAPSTERA Rapid Start

    Rapid Start is a one-week intensive consulting services offering to help evangelize the concept of capabilities architecture and seed the practice with a quick burst of activity. Activities will be done in conjunction with a client team, which will learn the purpose and the basics of capability architecture, and be ready to promote and use capability architecture across the company.


    Capstera Pilot Project

    A pilot project is a consulting services offering to jump start the discipline of business capability mapping by implementing a pilot project and helping build internal competencies to drive broad-based adoption.


    Capstera Strategy Optimization

    Strategy Optimization is a consulting services offering to help both inform and instill the strategy of a company by mapping a company’s capabilities, assessing strengths & weaknesses and setting strategy-driven performance metrics and road maps for capabilities that are key to achieving said strategy in business architecture terms.


    Capabilities-based Organizational Design

    Instead of a functional structure, CAPSTERA can help firms develop and implement a capabilities-centric organization to achieve clarity of purpose, focus on core capabilities, and foster organizational agility.


    Capabilities to IT Services Transition

    Work with the solution, technical and service architects of clients to help capabilities inform and influence the shape, modularity, and coarseness of the IT services and the transition thereof.


    Capabilities-based Vendor Evaluation

    Instead of a random set of disparate requirements driving a vendor evaluation, our process maps vendor capabilities to a firm’s desired capabilities from a specific platform/domain and compares vendor functionality on an objective basis.


    Capabilities-based Business Integration

    Help manage business integration, whether it is the reorganization of business units or a business merger, by identifying and managing
    capability overlaps to avoid redundancy, capture synergies and speed integration time and effectiveness

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