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Client: An insurance software vendor.

Situation: Each of the software firms’ clients were claiming they are unique and hence customer and agent portals need to be custom-created, rather than base it on a best-in-class framework.

Solution: To help our client’s customers envision and visualize the similarity in customer and agent journeys, Capstera team created a series of value streams – for example, Quote to Policy, FNOL (First notice of loss) to Claim Settlement etc. These value streams clearly enunciated the specific steps in an end-to-end journey of the customer and the agents in the insurance value flow.

Outcome: The insurance companies were able to leverage the value streams and tweak them to their own needs and the insurance software firm was able to manifest the value streams as workflows in their omnichannel customer/agent experience platform.

“It is amazing to see how a simple set of value streams were able to paint the perfect picture,” - Head of Product Management

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