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Sample Industry Capability model frameworks

Capstera Store offers several digital products and one of the unique offerings is a set of sample industry capability model frameworks. (Please note that the industry capability model frameworks are paid products.) Basically, these are industry-specific business capabilities models listing business capabilities grouped into multiple levels of granularity spanning the value chain of each industry.  These industry/sector specific business capability maps are based in part on the consulting work done by Capstera consultants where we have developed straw man capability models. 

What are Industry Capability Model Frameworks?

Each company in an industry or a sector are structurally similar, even if how they execute and where they excel varies quite a bit.  It is not the presence or lack of particular capabilities, but how those capabilities are realized, orchestrated and implemented accounts for the performance differences. Capstera’s industry capability model frameworks try to abstract the functions, competencies, and structural elements into a sample business capability model. These customizable business capabilities models will help an enterprise in the sector to accelerate the development and harnessing of a capability-based business/IT transformation. 

How do we use Industry Capability Model Frameworks?

At the outset, you will need to modify and tailor the sample capabilities list to reflect the characteristics of your company. Once you have structured a capability model that is vetted and accepted, you can use it in the following scenarios. 

  • Use the capability model to act as a common language for business and technology teams.
  • Bridge the gap between strategy and execution with capabilities as the link. 
  • Prioritize what capabilities are necessary to run the business, grow the business, and transform the business and their relative prioritization. 
  • Frame your transformation needs as a capability evolution roadmap. 
  • Allocate budgets to enhancing capabilities. In this scenario, projects become a way to execute capability enhancements. 
  • Map systems, data, roles, locations and other logical entities to derive views and viewpoints useful in decision making.
  • Structure your organization around clusters of common capabilities. 
  • Leverage capabilities as building blocks (Lego pieces, if you will) to manifest products, services, platforms, projects, and initiatives 
  • Base your vendor evaluation on how well the capabilities are supported

Capstera offers the following industry capability models and a business capability software to manage them.  In addition, we also offer customization services to modify the sample industry capability model frameworks to your needs. 

Industry Capability model frameworks


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