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Sample Industry Capabilities Models

Sample industry capabilities models are an idea whose time has come!  (Please note the sample industry capabilities models are a paid offering.) Instead of whiteboarding each and every capability from scratch and building a de novo capability map, a sample industry capabilities model can give your business architecture team a starting point and a ready blueprint to iterate and refine to meet your needs.  We have all seen the blank stares and beaten track conversations a blank slate can produce.  So, instead, a sample industry capabilities model elevates the conversation to a higher level, allowing the participants focus on critical and unique capabilities that are important to the firm. 

Each of Capstera’s industry models includes the established as well as the emerging set of capabilities.  These full-fledged models allow teams to easily customize and tailor them to the unique needs of the enterprise.

While some industry capability maps are full-fledged reference models, others are purely process-focused frameworks, and some are focused on just industry-specific, pre-built and customizable capability maps

Capstera’s sample industry capabilities models are a low-cost way to lower the need for endless hours of conversations over countless cups of caffeine and accelerate time to value. 

Sample Industry Capabilities Models: 

Sample Industry Capabilities Models

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