Business Architecture Offerings for the Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architects are the vanguards of modeling the business for better IT enablement and capability development. While enterprise architects have a role that is broader than business architecture, it is one of the more foundational and integral parts of the enterprise architecture continuum.
Enterprise architects often are the catalysts and synthesizers of the business architecture deliverables such as capabilities models, value streams etc.

Capstera empowers today’s enterprise architects with a range of customizable business architecture, templates, models, artifacts, and deliverables. These professionally crafted and battle-tested products will help jumpstart any business architecture practice and also become a key ingredient for the overall enterprise architecture efforts.

Capstera’s business capabilities map for the various functional areas and industry groups is a hierarchical decomposition of all core functional areas in logical groupings.

Capstera team can help in customizing the capability model as well as offer expertise in how to leverage and harness such a model. Please contact us if you have any questions.