Wealth Management Business Capabilities Map

Wealth Management Business Capabilities Map


Capstera’s Wealth Management Business Capabilities Map is a decomposition of the wealth management functions into a set of multi-level and granular business capabilities.



Capstera’s Wealth Management Business Capabilities Map is a decomposition of the wealth management functions into a set of multi-level and granular business capabilities. The wealth management business capability model is a must-have tool for business architects, enterprise architects, business executives, and technology leaders, and project teams at wealth managers to fathom the overall enterprise context. A prioritized list of wealth management capabilities list will help drive technology enablement and enterprise transformation. The Wealth Management Business Capability Map will function an essential blueprint with a structurally sound and internally coherent list of business capabilities spanning all aspects of wealth management value chain.

Wealth management industry is in the throes of massive disruption. Competition from startups, tech giants, rising customer expectations, increased regulatory burdens, and margin compressions are some of the factors forcing wealth managers to rethink every aspect of their business. A wealth management business capabilities list helps in getting a holistic perspective of the wealth value chain and addressing the lacunae at an elemental level, and tech enables operations to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

What are the deliverables and format of the Wealth Management Business Capabilities Map?

The wealth management business capabilities model includes the following formats:

  • An Excel spreadsheet with the list capabilities. The spreadsheet also provides additional worksheets with templates for conducting a capability assessment as well as a model to map core associations.
  • A PowerPoint format with the top three levels presented in a nested visualization.
  • A Word document with capabilities in a multilevel list format.
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What is the Value of the Wealth Management Business Capabilities Map?

A business capabilities map is a fundamental and foundational entity in the business architecture continuum. The Capstera Wealth Capabilities model encapsulates the essence of the business of wealth management functions with a detailed, multi-level capabilities list. The wealth management capabilities model is an integral part of the business architecture, and along with value streams, a data model, and an applications/systems inventory will allow for valuable views and viewpoints.

There are several benefits from business capabilities, including, among others:

  • Foster alignment between business and IT using capabilities as an everyday language.
  • Capabilities are structurally sound and internally coherent abstraction of business functions.
  • A capability-based roadmap eliminates redundancy and replication and focuses on capability evolution
  • Juxtaposing capabilities and systems/applications provides a footprint analysis and can lead to better application portfolio rationalization decisions.

Example of the Wealth Management Business Capabilities.

(The example below is a sliver of the wealth management business capabilities map.)

  •  Financial Planning
    • Basic Financial Situation
      • Cash flow / Budgeting
      • Personal Income Statement
      • Personal Net Worth Statement
  • Cash Reserves (Emergency Funds and other reserves)
  • Debt Management
  • Accumulation Goal Planning
    • XXXXX
    • XXXXX
      • XXXXXX
      • XXXXXX

Created by business architects and wealth management domain experts, the wealth management capabilities model is detailed, in-depth, and conforms to the construct of MECE (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive).

NOTE: Digital, Insurance, Retail Banking, Asset Management, and Alternative Investments are standalone and separate capability models. Even if they are mentioned in the Core Wealth Management Capabilities Model, the details are captured in their capability maps, which are different and standalone.

Similarly, all the Shared Services such as Human Capital Management, Finance and Accounting, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, and Business Intelligence are standalone capability maps.


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