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Capstera’s Strategic Business Architect is a comprehensive and actionable handbook for business architects. The goal is to enable business architects to elevate the practice of business architecture to become a strategic and transformational endeavor. The Strategic Business Architect Handbook will equip the business architecture practitioners with tips, tutorials, and templates to catapult their valuable contribution to the enterprise and consequently enhance their career prospects.

Strategic Business Architect

Traditionally, business architecture has been an appendage of the IT department, and there has been some backlash due to the perception that business architects are drawing boxes and arrows which are ivory tower deliverables without a practical impact.  For business architecture to flourish, it is imperatives for business architects to raise their game and become strategic assets and catalysts for enterprise transformation. 

At the outset, a business architect is not a business analyst. A business architect is not an enterprise architect. He/she is not a project manager. Or an IT architect. Or a Strategist.  But a strategic business architect incorporates each of these disciplines and follows the tenets to do his/her job in business architecture. 

What do traditional business architects do? Many business architects focus on artifacts, not outcomes. They focus on modeling, not moving the needle.  And focus on IT too much at the expense of providing a contextual picture of the business.  A strategic business architect, on the other hand, is more business-centric, operations-oriented, and aims to become the glue that binds different views and viewpoints into coherent and holistic perspectives.

The strategic business architect needs to be more business-centric and produce deliverables that impact enterprise transformation. Who is a strategic business architect? Any business architect who can transcend the IT box and make an impact by bridging the gap between strategy and execution, and aligning business and technology to foster enterprise transformation. 

Strategic Business Architect - Role and Competencies

The Strategic Business Architect needs to play several roles.

Strategic Business Architect is a:

  • Strategy Interpreter
  • Business Capability Modeler
  • Value Stream Mapper
  • Alchemist
  • Big Picture Thinker
  • Gap Minder
  • Aligner
  • Story Teller

If a business architect rises to become a strategic asset and elevates the practice and value of business architecture to more than boxes and arrows, he/she can aspire to an accelerated career path, higher compensation, and roles.

What is the Strategic Business Architect Handbook?

The Strategic Business Architect handbook is a PowerPoint presentation alongside a companion Excel spreadsheet with multiple worksheets.

Capstera’s Strategic Business Architect Handbook provides guidelines, guardrails, and templates to do the following:

  • Understanding the role of a Strategic Business Architect and the roles she/he will play and the competencies required.
  • Summarizing Strategy in a concise and coherent manner
  • Developing core deliverables such as business capability models and value streams
  • Capability-based Requirements and Transformation Roadmap
  • Views and Viewpoints such as:
    • Strategy to Capability Mapping
    • Capability to Application Footprint
    • Capability to Data Mapping
    • Capability to Value Stream Steps Mapping
  • The Role of Business Architecture Leader
  • List of Deliverables
  • A Business Architect’s Journey – Steps and Milestones

What is the Value of the Strategic Business Architect Handbook?

  • For individual business architects, it is a catalyst to adding greater value and enhancing career prospects.
  • For the companies, it is about having a team of business architecture practitioners who elevate the craft and practice and contribute to the transformation of the corporation to compete in the everchanging digital future.

What does the Strategic Business Architect Deliverables include?

The deliverables are a combination of several formats – PowerPoint and Excel Templates. It includes tips, tutorials, and templates for day-to-day use in the practice of business architecture and capability modeling. Of course, you will be able to modify and tailor the templates to meet your specific needs.


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