Enterprise Business Capabilities Map

Enterprise Business Capabilities Map


The Capstera Enterprise business capabilities map is a comprehensive view of the enterprise, and a logical and intuitive decomposition of all business functions into a set of over 1000 granular business capabilities.



The Capstera Enterprise business capabilities map is a comprehensive view of the enterprise, and a logical and intuitive decomposition of all business functions into a set of over 1000 granular business capabilities. Today, as most companies are in the throes of tectonic shifts and transformation due to globalization, demographic trends, and the digital revolution. The enterprise business capabilities model is an essential blueprint with a structurally sound and internally coherent business architecture model.

Today, every business has become a technology business and yet there remains a gap between what business wants and what IT teams enable. With the fast pace of innovation, the competition from both upstarts and established firms, companies the world over have to harmonize and align their business, and IT functions and foster a structured way to IT enable business needs. An enterprise capabilities map is an excellent starting point for such transformational endeavors with a stable and intuitive view of the enterprise functions. The enterprise business capabilities model is a comprehensive, customizable, and coherent deliverable that helps business architects, enterprise architects, CIOs, and business and IT leaders, in their quest for business and technology optimization.

What is an Enterprise Business Capabilities Map?

Capstera’s comprehensive and customizable enterprise business capabilities map is a model based on a generic large, and complex enterprise encompassing all aspects of the value chain. The enterprise business capability model has over capabilities often decomposed to level 3, 4 and 5 of depth and granularity.

The business capabilities encompass the following areas:

  • General areas ~ 325 capabilities
  • Corporate Functions:
    • Marketing ~ 175 capabilities
    • Finance and Accounting ~ 130 capabilities
    • Supply Chain Management ~ 75 capabilities
    • Customer Management ~ 100 capabilities
    • Human Capital Management ~ 125 capabilities
    • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics ~ 75 capabilities
  • Digital Transformation Capabilities ~ NOT INCLUDED, sold Separately.

The deliverable comprises of over 1250 business capabilities and includes the following formats:

  • An Excel spreadsheet with the list capabilities. The spreadsheet also provides additional worksheets with templates for conducting a capability assessment as well as a template to map core associations.
  • A PowerPoint format with the top three levels presented in a nested visualization.
  • A Word document with capabilities in a multilevel list format.
  • Plus several BONUS Deliverables

What is the Value of the Enterprise Capabilities Map?

A business capabilities model is a fundamental and foundational entity in the business architecture continuum. The Capstera Enterprise Business capabilities map encapsulates the essence of all business functions with a detailed, multi-level capabilities list.

There are several benefits from business capabilities, including, among others:

  • Foster an alignment between business and IT using capabilities as a common language.
  • Capabilities are structurally sound and internally coherent abstraction of business functions.
  • A capability-based roadmap eliminates redundancy and replication and focuses on capability evolution
  • Juxtaposing capabilities and systems/applications provides a footprint analysis and can lead to better application portfolio rationalization decisions.
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Example decomposition of a sliver of the Enterprise Capabilities Map:

The customizable enterprise capabilities list starts out listing the highest level value chain items:

  • Develop and Manage Products and Services
  • Market, Distribute and Sell Products/Services
  • Manage Customer and Stakeholders
  • Deliver Shared and Common Services
  • Operate the Enterprise
  • Enable Information Technology

Next, the capability model takes each of the areas and decomposes to granular and elemental building blocks across the enterprise value chain.

A Sliver of the Marketing Capabilities:

A Sliver of the Human Resources Business Capabilities:

The enterprise business capabilities map is a decomposition of up to level 3, 4, and 5 as necessary.

Created by business architects and domain experts, the Enterprise business capabilities list is detailed, in-depth, and conforms to the construct of MECE (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive).


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