Business Architecture Strategy Templates




Business Architecture Strategy Templates are simple and easy to use templates that allows a business architect to translate the business strategy into contextual input for IT enablement and operational execution.

One of the critical responsibilities of a business architect is to be the translator of strategy, and a conduit of strategic decisions into right areas with the right context and color. (This is in addition to being the creator of blueprints and manager of the practice.)

What are the Business Architecture Strategy Templates?

The business architecture strategy templates are concise and coherent frameworks useful to business architects to capture the essence of strategy and communicate it to the consumers of the plan across the enterprise. For example, let us assume that the company has a digital strategy developed by the C-Suite with assistance from a strategy consulting firm and that is about ~75 pages in dense PowerPoint format.  Not all downstream folks in the business/IT chain need that level of depth and detail. A concise one or two-page summary view may suffice. And that is the goal of these templates. (Please do not mistake them for business architecture strategy, but these are general “business” strategy templates useful in a business architect’s role as a translator and elaborator of strategy.)

The Strategy on Page templates include:

  • Strategy map
  • Lean Canvas
  • Business Model Canvas
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Factor-based product comparison
  • Five force Model
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • Vision, Mission, Strategy, and Initiatives
  • Customer Personas
  • Marketing Strategy on a Page
  • IT Strategy on a Page
  • Mini Project Charter
  • Business Imperatives and Impact on IT Priorities

NOTE: Please note that not of all these templates are NOT proprietary models of Capstera. These are either from the public domain of leading management consultants and authors. A few are our interpretation of Capstera. If you search far and wide, you will find comparable templates are available for free.


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Business Architecture Strategy Templates



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