Business Architecture Framework Template



Capstera’s Business Architecture Framework Template is a basic resource to help business architects and those interested in the business architecture discipline gain a holistic and integrated perspective of the content and components involved in developing a successful business architecture practice. One of the challenges in business architecture and capability modeling is lack of a big picture of what it encompasses and how the various elements come together cohesively.

Business Architecture Framework Template

Business architects and enterprise architects can use the business architecture framework as a starting point and customize to the needs of the enterprise.  The contents and components of the business architecture framework will help in clearly articulating the composition, coherence, and value of business architecture in a simple format. 

Capstera’s business architecture framework template starts with business intent and direction. Then the core components of business architecture – business capabilities and value streams – take center stage. Processes, data, structure, and systems supplement the capabilities and value streams. Optionally, one can include business rules, risks, KPIs, stakeholders and other components to add color, context, and richness to the business architecture.

Another essential element of business architecture is relationships and associations mapped against different components.

What is the Business Architecture Framework Template?

Broadly, the business architecture framework template comprises of a component diagram and a brief explanation. This deliverable is a rather high-level conceptual model and is not intended to be a business architecture ADM. It is a starting point and does not constitute an entire playbook. 

How do we use the Business Architecture Framework Template?

  • Gain an understanding of the overall big picture of what it takes to create a successful business architecture.
  • Identify what components and entities are essential based on your company’s unique characteristics
  • Use the framework to create a phased and sequenced roadmap to achieve appropriate business architecture outcomes.

The Capstera business architecture and capability modeling software solution supports all of the contents and components of the business architecture framework. 


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Business Architecture Framework Template