Business Capability Maps

In many companies, developing business capability models from the ground up takes too much time, involves quite a bit of effort, and achieving structural integrity and internal coherence. Furthermore, many business capability models are very high level, which may suffice as a strategic view, but for operational and technology enablement, it is essential for the business capability model should be decomposed to lower levels of granularity.

With experience of developing business capability maps in various industries and horizontal functional areas, Capstera team has developed several business capability models that can be used as a starting point and customized to each enterprise needs.

A sample business capability model can accelerate time to value, particularly in light of the backlash in some companies that business architecture takes too long, delivers limited value, and the deliverables are too esoteric. (This is not our view, but a prevailing backlash based on some ivory tower practices and cumbersome processes proposed by the gurus of business architecture with IT-centricity.)

Capstera team can assist in customizing the business capability models to your unique needs. However, internal teams will be able to customize these well-constructed sample business capability maps without any difficulty.

The example capability maps can be easily imported into Capstera business architecture software. If you purchase a sample business capability map from Capstera, our team can import the business capabilities list into Capstera without any additional cost or effort.

The following are the business capability models that you can purchase. Capstera team keeps adding additional business capabilities maps frequently and hence please check back. Furthermore, if you don’t see a business capabilities model that you want, please contact us to custom build the capabilities map based on your inputs.