Capstera’ Process Mapping software features are in-depth and comprehensive to create various types of process maps and Diagrams

Process modeling, Process Analysis, and process re-engineering are powerful concepts in vogue for several decades now.  While creating process maps or using them to fine-tune business operations is not new, what is new in Capstera is how process maps become a deeper layer of decomposition for the value streams and can link to any specific stage/step.  The Value Streams and the Process Maps have a many-to-many relationship and provide a deeper perspective of how business gets done. 

Capstera’s process mapping software is 100% online with an easy to use Canvas with feature-rich functionality, and a built-in approach to associate the process maps with capabilities and other entities. 

What if you have already created your process models and are using another process map repository? No issues.  While Capstera offers good drawing features, it is NOT a full-fledged business process management software platform.  Hence, Capstera completely understands your desire to keep using the BPM platform. However, you can still link processes by way of a) Pasting an image of the process for easy reference and then providing a URL for the source process map and b) Custom integration to the business process tool your firm is using. 

Business Architecture Process Mapping Software Features:

  • Draw various types of process maps – activity flows, data flows, network diagrams, architecture diagrams etc.
  • Capture end-to-end stakeholder focused Process Maps
  • Drag and Drop Interface for adding specific steps of the Process Maps
  • A variety of shapes, connectors, and utilities
  • Use BPMN notation, if you prefer to.
  • Color, shade, change fonts and other formats
  • Group shapes together, send to back and bring to front and other design utilities
  • Relate Process Maps to specific stages of the Value Stream and to Capabilities
  • Evaluate the maturity, technology enablement and importance of process maps
  • And so much more

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