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For Immediate Release: September 12, 2017

Leading Business Architecture Software Company, Capstera, Launches A Digital Products Store

Capstera, an easy-to-use, full-featured business architecture and capability mapping software company, this week announced they have officially opened a business architecture digital products store on their platform.

Called the Capstera Store, this new platform will offer pre-built and customizable business architecture deliverables, such as Business Capability Models, Value Streams, Operating Models, and other artifacts valuable to companies today. Each one of these generic deliverables can become a starting point and custom tailored to unique needs of the respective enterprises.

“Business architecture is at a crossroads today, where time to value has become critical. We believe Capstera’s customizable business architecture deliverables, spanning Business Capability Maps, Value Stream Maps, Operating Models, and other Business Architecture Practice Management, will accelerate the process of creating a business architecture and allow enterprises to harness the power of business architecture in enterprise transformation,” said Ravi Mehra, a member of Capstera. 

Business architecture is still a relatively new discipline in the world today. A Business Architecture Framework works to tie things together in a given organization while providing information on how a piece of the puzzle fits together to make the finalized puzzle. 

Examples of products available in the Capstera Business Architecture Store include:

  • Functional area business capability maps
  • Industry/Sector specific business capability maps
  • Business architecture practice management tools and templates
  • Value stream maps
  • Operating model archetypes

The business architecture digital products are affordable, considering the intellectual capital that went into defining and designing the business architecture tools and templates. Moreover, Capstera store features some free templates.  Furthermore, Capstera team offers business architecture consulting and professional services to help enterprises refine and customize the templates.

Practical business architecture can help corporations in a better understanding of the firm’s capabilities, aligning business and technology with a common language, linking strategy to execution, enabling better technology solutions, and optimizing the IT landscape. 

Capstera’s digital products, templates, and artifacts are all created for accelerating time to value in implementing and evolving the business architecture practice today.

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To visit the new Capstera Store, go to

Capstera, LLC
126 Main Street, Unit #422, Watertown, MA 02472

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