Capstera Business Architecture Platform Helps Link Strategy to Execution

Capstera business architecture tool offers a way to link Strategy to Execution using Capabilities as the bridge.

Do you always struggle on how to link execution to strategy?  Do you wish to harness capabilities as building blocks that link strategic intent wth IT enablement? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

A company’s corporate or business or product strategy is captured by a variety of management tools and techniques. How business strategy captured is less of an issue than how it is used to orchestrate the execution and operations of a company.  Until the evolution of business capabilities as an abstraction that can be a bridge between business and technology, there was no easy way to bridge the execution to strategy gap. 

In Capstera business architecture platform, you define your strategies as modular entities. Then you can link the capabilities to the strategies. In turn, you can also link other entities that are related to the capabilities and interrelate the same, which in essence provides you with a multi-dimensional view of execution elements involved in executing a strategy. 

A Model to Link Strategy to Execution: 

  • External Factors
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Benchmarking
  • Risks and Controls
  • KPIs
Business Motivation
and Strategy
  • IT Priorities to support Business
  • Platform Strategy
  • Conceptual Architecture
  • granular to a product/platform
IT Strategy
  • Attributes
  • Assessment
  • Associations
  • Budgets
Capability Definition
  • Attributes
  • Assessment
  • Associations
Value Streams/ Process
  • Segmentation
  • User Personas
  • Customer Journey Maps
Customer Engagement Definition
  • Use Capabilities as Lego blocks to form products, programs, projects, initiatives, platforms
  • Enhancement Requests from consuming entities
  • Specifications for Capability Evolution
Enterprise Information Overlay
  • Systems / SOA Services
  • Data / Subject areas
  • Structure (Roles, B.U.s), Channels
  • Risks/KPIs/Benchmarks ETC ETC
Capability-based Product Backlog and Roadmap

Requirements Management
  • Solution Architecture
  • Data/Information Architecture
  • SOA Service Design
Release Management
Project Management and Governance
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