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Enterprise Business Architecture Explainer

Enterprise Business Architecture

What is Enterprise Business Architecture?

Capstera defines enterprise business architecture is a holistic and integrated model of a firm which links the strategic, structural, informational, technological, and operational aspects of a company.

How do the industry gurus define enterprise Business Architecture?

As an evolving discipline, enterprise business architecture definitions are quite diverse with differences in the level of emphasis, elements, and entities. There are several definitions of enterprise business architecture while there may be semantic differences, the core purpose of enterprise business architecture is to encapsulate the essence of business in actionable elements and entities.

What are the Components of Enterprise Business Architecture?

Enterprise Business Architecture components include business capability maps, value streams, process models, systems and applications, data, structure, and roles. Please review this article for additional details of the components of business architecture discipline.

Why are Business Capabilities a vital part of Business Architecture?

Companies need to be modeled on a stable foundation that is agnostic to the volatile processes and the ever-changing technologies. While the process is necessary to facilitate and consummate an interaction or a transaction, and while technology is needed to power the capabilities, the abstraction offered by business capabilities makes them ideal candidates to capture the essence of an enterprise.

How do we build a business capability map?

Building a business capability map is a multi-disciplinary effort. It requires business and technology teams that combine the functional expertise as well as business architecture experience. One can start with a blank slate and create a business capability map. Alternatively, there are some industry frameworks and capability models one can purchase. Our view is it is better to start with a straw capability model done by a few experts (internal or external) and then iteratively refine internally to gain participation and more importantly the buy-in for the capability model.

Can you show me an example of how to decompose and create a business capability model?

Capstera team took the HR function and detailed out how to conceptualize and decompose business capabilities. This sample business capability map creation process should shed some insight and ideas for you.

What are the typical deliverables of enterprise business architecture?

Business architects work on and produce many deliverables. Some business architecture deliverables are strategic, and some are tactical. Some elicit a “WOW” factor, and some are in-the-weeds which are necessary for detailed analysis and work. Typically, a business architecture practice creates artifacts and deliverables such as capability models, value streams, views, and viewpoints by juxtaposing different information entities and works with other teams to develop a capability-centric roadmap.

What is a Business Architect? What does a Business Architect do?

A business architect is an alchemist who can model the enterprise in a way that both business and technology teams can fathom and adopt, and can link strategic priorities to execution initiatives. Here is a business architect role definition. The career path of a business architect – where they come from, what qualifications they possess, and where they go – is diverse and depends on the company, the individual, and the circumstances. The role, however, is rewarding and offers an opportunity to make an impact.

What is the salary of a Business Architect?

Business architects’ wages and compensation depend on a few factors. The level of the role, the maturity of the business architecture practice, the background and experience of the individual, and overall compensation factors in the industry/company. The role of a business architect is dynamic and ever-changing, particularly in light of the digital transformation sweeping the world of business. So, what defines the parameters of a business architect’s salary yesterday and today may not be the drivers of the wages and compensation tomorrow. (We see this in sports, movies, music and other venues that it is not a step function, but at times there is a leap.)

Can I buy a ready-to-use Business Capability Map?

Yes, you can buy ready-to-use Business Capability Maps from various sources. Some firms sell industry-specific models and others that sell functional area models. Some are not necessarily pure business capability models, but they look and feel like business capabilities. has a set of relatively inexpensive, functional area business capability models. The capability maps can be easily uploaded into Capstera enterprise business architecture software.

What is the difference between Enterprise Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture?

The difference, in one word, is the word “Business.” Enterprise architecture focuses on the overall design of the company, while enterprise business architecture concentrates on the structure of the business. Here, we list some definitions of enterprise architecture compiled from various sources. For a more detailed exposition on different enterprise architecture methodologies, there are several of them on the web. Just google them. 

How can I learn more about Enterprise Business Architecture?

Oh! Wow! Aren’t you a curious George!!! We understand there is much thirst for business architecture and capability modeling knowledge. Here are a few business architecture books that may get you started. Moreover, there quite a few good blogs as well.

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