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Digital Marketing Capabilities model drives Digital Transformation

Digital marketing capabilities model will help marketers in crafting a transformation roadmap. Marketing is a field that has witnessed tectonic shifts in recent years.  The epicenter has shifted from the ad firms to technology companies. It is a transition from bromides and copywriting to bits, bytes, and quant data. The investment in marketing technology has steadily increased over the year. In 2017, the folks at have identified nearly 5000 marketing technology companies.  Paid search, social media, influencer marketing, mobile video, inbound marketing, social listening and the like have become a part of the marketing vernacular. 

Consultants of every stripe and marketing software firms of every ilk are aggressively selling to the corporate world.  Keeping track of all the developments in marketing and adopting them in companies marketing plans is rather a big challenge.

What does this all mean for the CMOs (Chief Marketing Officer) and other marketing and advertising professionals in corporations all over the world? How do marketing teams get their arms around the marketing capabilities in a holistic manner and incorporate the appropriate concepts into their marketing and advertising plans?

Digital Marketing Capabilities Model: 

In addition to keeping up with the media, listening to consultants, sampling vendors, attending conferences, a good way to get a big picture view is a digital marketing capability model and mapping concepts and solutions to the capability.  Digital marketing capability model is a structured way of looking at the landscape and keep extending the solutions and services aligned with a set of capabilities.

<A sliver from the Digital Marketing Business Capabilities Model>

Digital Marketing Capabilities Model

Once a digital marketing capabilities model is decomposed to a logical and reasonable level of granularity, the marketing team in conjunction with the business architecture team can do the following.

  • Prioritize the digital marketing capabilities critical to the firm.
  • Conduct an assessment of the state of digital marketing capabilities.
  • Map existing systems to capabilities to analyze technology enablement footprint.
  • Identify gaps, replication, and redundancy.
  • Align potential solutions to marketing capabilities where systems/technology support is weak or non-existent.

Relevant Capstera Products: 

Let Capstera consulting team help you in customizing a digital marketing capability model to your company needs and help create a transformation roadmap. 









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