Capstera Capabilities to Systems Mapping:

Capstera offers an intuitive way to define capabilities to System mapping.  In business architecture, relating business capabilities and value streams to applications and IT Services is a high-value activity. If Capabilities are the “What,” the Value Streams and Processes are the “How,” then the Systems (SOA Services, Applications, etc) represent the “With What.” Since capabilities are an abstraction, the functionality is realized thru the underlying applications and workflow. The Capabilities to Systems Mapping is a many to many relationship and visualization can be a complex endeavors. 

The foundation of Capabilities to Systems Mapping information is used to analyze the footprint of applications/systems across capabilities, and then drive application portfolio rationalization and technology landscape optimization.  Capabilities to Systems mapping is a part of frameworks like MODAF and DODAF which is, in turn, being combined as a modeling standard via UPDM.

Capstera business architecture software enables capture of comprehensive and granular information about Business and IT Applications, IT (SOA/REST) Services, Interfaces and other technology elements.

Capabilities to Systems Mapping: Features and Functionality:

  • Customizable templates to capture any information about the technology landscape. While Capstera does not claim to be the system of record for applications, for companies that are interested in a simple inventory of all the systems/applications, it is a reliable tool to define your data model to capture application information. 
  • Capture business applications, IT technologies, Databases, Interfaces, and other technology components. Capstera business architecture tool can be used to obtain every type of technology entity; the sky is the limit. However, we suggest doing this incrementally and not boiling the ocean. 
  • Upload vast amounts of data using CSV and XML imports. Data entry is painful, and Capstera alleviates the drudgery with straightforward and easy to use import and export functionality. 
  • Assess technology components on multiple dimensions. You can conduct a quick and easy assessment of the systems and other technology components.
  • Relate technology components to business capabilities to understand footprint. The capabilities to systems mapping functionality is a primary value driver. 
  • Interrelate technology components with each other within the context of a capability. 

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