Capstera Value Stream Mapping helps business architects develop Value Streams

Value Streams are an integral and important part of business architecture.  The Value Streams are a representation of the “How” and is an end-to-end flow of activities to fulfill the desired business outcome for a stakeholder.  Typically, these simple steps are depicted at a high level as a series of chevrons. The more in-depth flows are depicted with process models – a deeper level decomposition of the Value Streams. 

Capstera business architecture software includes support for simple Value Stream Mapping. 

Business Architecture Value Stream Mapping Software Features:

  • Capture end-to-end stakeholder focused Value Streams. One can create as many value streams as needed. In addition to the basic chevrons, you may include other unstructured data with other diagrams and shapes. 
  • Drag and Drop Interface for adding specific steps of the Value Streams make the user interface elegant and creation of the models a breeze. 
  • Each step/stage of the Value Stream can be treated as an entity to allow granular relationships. What this means in practice is that if Step 5 of a Value Stream has challenges, you can identify that specific step as the problem area. 
  • Relate Value Streams stages/steps to specific Business Capabilities to link the “What” to the “How”. Business Architects will be able to assign Capabilities and Applications/Systems to a specific stage/step of the value stream. This is an important consideration and value addition of business architecture. 
  • Create process maps and associate them to Value Streams: As we mentioned, process maps are a deeper level flow with a lot more detail. You can assign a process map to a specific stage/step of a value stream. These are many to many relationships. 
  • Assess Value Streams on maturity, importance and technology enablement

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