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Overview of Capstera Business Architecture Solution

Capstera – A business-friendly business architecture solution.

Capstera is a business-friendly business architecture solution and capability modeling software. Capstera enables firms to define capabilities, capture capability semantics, draft value streams, compose process models, add subject areas/data entities, capture enterprise information and generate lenses and heat maps. Basically, all the basic components of the business architecture and capability modeling. 

Capstera intends to become the catalyst for the next revolution in business/IT optimization. It is borne out of years of frustration with the lack of a light footprint business architecture and capability mapping tool. Capstera is an intuitive and integrated business architecture solution and capability modeling tool that spans the breadth of elements included in best-in-class business architecture solution and offers the depth to drill down and meet the rigorous requirements of expert practitioners.

Business Architecture and Capability Modeling have never been easier! Or more Powerful. And more Practical.

  • Create, manage and harness Capability Models
  • Combine Capabilities to form projects, platforms, initiatives (called Folios in Capstera).
  • Write Specifications to evolve Capabilities
  • Compile Value Streams for capturing end-to-end activities of key stakeholders for a given outcome.
  • Draft Process Maps to capture the specific steps each actor takes.
  • Define Strategy to understand the business motivation and direction.
  • Compile an inventory of IT Landscape (Systems, Services, Technologies, Applications, Data) and juxtapose against Capabilities and Value Streams.
  • Capture logical information such as Channels, Stakeholders, Customer Segments, Organizational Domains, Business Units, Roles, Business Rules, Methodologies, Standard Operating Procedures etc. to provide context and color to Business Architecture and Capability Modeling.
  • Create Lenses by juxtaposing relationships and associations for a multi-dimensional perspective.
  • Generate reports with various business architecture and capability-centric views and viewpoints.

Capstera is built using standards-based frameworks and components as a cloud-based Software-as-A- Service (SAAS) solution. In addition, Capstera offers flexible deployment options including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and enterprise installation, where needed.

Capstera is founded by practitioners of business architecture to solve a clear and present challenge. It is based on methodologies implemented and validated in real client situations.

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