Capstera Business Architecture Software Strategy Definition Features

Capstera Business Architecture Software Strategy Definition Features are simple, visual and powerful. As all business architecture practitioners know, capturing the essence of business strategy is the springboard for defining a successful business architecture.  While the extent that business architects influences strategy may vary – from firm to firm and situation to situation – it is an imperative to dovetail a business architecture strategy and plan to conform to the overall business/corporate strategy of the enterprise.  Irrespective of who defines the corporate/business strategy, the work of the business architects is to understand the strategy and then articulate the same in a concise and coherent way so as to a) drive the business architecture and b) provide a strategic context to consumers of the business architecture artifacts. 

Corporate strategy and desired direction are the north star of where a company wants to head and defines the path forward. Capstera business architecture software allows for detailed and modular ways to capture the strategy and motivations of an enterprise.

Business Architecture Software Strategy Definition Features:

  • Pre-defined Strategy templates: From Alexander Osterwalder Business Model Canvas to Kaplan/Norton Strategy Map, from Customer Journey Mapping to Customer Personas, Capstera features several templates. 
  • Ability to set any strategy from scratch: While models may be a starting point, one may use Capstera’s feature-rich Canvas to define any strategy they want. 
  • Shapes and Connectors: Capstera features a veritable treasure trove of shapes, diagrams, and connectors. 
  • Drag and Drop Interface: It is easy to move things around. 
  • Palette: Use any color, shades, change fonts, and use other formatting options
  • Grouping: Group shapes together, send to back and bring to front and other design utilities
  • Relationships: Relate Strategy artifacts to Capabilities, and thru capabilities interrelate to other entities
  • And so much more

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