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Capstera Business Architecture Platform

Capstera Business Architecture Platform

Capstera Business Architecture Platform is built using standard technologies to bring to life the core concepts and constructs of business architecture and capability modeling.

The genesis of the Capstera is rooted in the fundamental belief that business architecture must be business friendly and a business architecture platform must support day-to-day business/IT functions with practical insights and actionable deliverables.  Many of the existing, old-school business architecture platforms are complicated, cumbersome, and costly. Some require a Ph.D. in their tool to even navigate from point A to B, much alone help a company moves fast.

Capstera business architecture software platform is intended to be the epicenter of a capability-led transformation to allow companies to model and manage their enterprise based on a solid foundation – the business capabilities.  

What can you model with the Capstera business architecture platform?

  • Business Capability Maps: Build as many capability maps you need with an easy to use toolset which supports multiple levels of capability
  • Value Streams: Create primary value streams that you can associate with business capabilities to juxtapose the “What” and the “How.”
  • Folios: Folios are Capstera’s unique feature where a bunch of capabilities can come together to manifest a product, platform, initiative, project.
  • Strategy: Define the business direction and strategy in succinct and visual formats. The goal is to understand the policy and then relate it to the business architecture components and entities to link strategy to execution.
  • Requirements: You can add Specifications (requirements) as changes that are necessary for a capability to evolve it to a state where you need it to be.
  • Roadmap: By assigning dates to Requirements, generate a visual GANTT chart to represent a capability-centric roadmap.
  • Technology: You can compile an inventory of systems/technologies/services and map them to capabilities to manifest what capabilities are realized by which systems
  • Enterprise Information: Compile and capture information about the structure, roles, stakeholders, channels, business rules, KPIs, business and technology domains (and many other entities) to associate with capabilities for color and context.
  • Reports: You can generate multi-dimensional reports, views, and lenses to harness the business architecture entities to provide insights, perspective, and decision support.

In addition to the vast array of functional features, Capstera is a modern application with several non-functional features:

  • Built using open and standards-based technologies
  • Developed as a SAAS (software as a service) solution, Capstera can be deployed in any public or private cloud (or enterprise data center)
  • Security features to protect your company information
  • Easy to use and simple to get started with
  • Moreover, many other features

Please explore the Capstera Business Architecture Platform buying options and contact us if you need more information and assistance in the purchase process.

In addition, if you wish to leverage Capstera’s intellectual capital, please visit Capstera Store for customizable capability models, operating model archetypes, value streams, and business architecture practice deliverables. 


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