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Business Capability Map Definitions

Business Capability Map definitions

Business Capability Map Definitions: 

There are several business capability map definitions. Here are a few of the more prominent definitions of what is a business capabilities model.

A compilation of the business capability map definitions from experts in the field. 

Business-capability mapping is the process of modeling what a business does to reach its objectives (its capabilities), instead of how it does it (its business processes).” – Denise Cook

“A business capability is a particular ability or capacity that a business may possess or exchange to achieve a specific purpose or outcome. A capability describes what the business does (outcomes and service levels) that creates value for customers; for example, pay employee or ship product. A business capability abstracts and encapsulates the people, process/procedures, technology, and information into the essential building blocks needed to facilitate performance improvement and redesign analysis.” – Ulrich Homann

“Business-capability mapping is the process of modeling what a business does to reach its objectives (its capabilities), instead of how it does it (its business processes).” – Denise Cook

“Business capability is the expression or the articulation of the capacity, materials, and expertise an organization needs in order to perform core functions. Enterprise architects use business capabilities to illustrate the over-arching needs of the business in order to better strategize IT solutions that meet those business needs.” – Margaret Rouse

“A business capability is what a company needs to be able to do to execute its business strategy (e.g., enable ePayments, tailor solutions at point of sale, demonstrate product concepts with customers, combine elastic and non-elastic materials side by side, etc.).

Another way to think about capabilities is they are a collection or container of people, process, and technology that is addressable for a specific purpose.[1] Capability management is an approach that uses the organization’s customer value proposition to establish performance goals for capabilities based on value contribution. It helps drive out inefficiencies in capabilities that contribute low customer impact and focus efficiencies in areas with high financial leverage; while preserving or investing in capabilities for growth.” – Wikipedia

“Capabilities are the fundamental elements that provide an organization’s capacity to achieve the desired outcome. They can be thought of as describing the organization’s potential. Taken together they form a model representing all the functional abilities a business needs to execute its business model and fulfill its mission. From an IT perspective, capability models provide a stable overarching view of what is important to business leaders that can link business and IT initiatives together. These relatively simple views of the business provide the foundation for complex discussions on strategy and resource allocation. Capability models don’t reduce business complexity, but they do illuminate the complexity in ways that provide higher levels of insight and perspective.” – Jeff Scott

“It is the most important diagram in all of business architecture — the Business Capability Map.
The Business Capability Map is the what of business architecture — defining your business’ ability to execute.” – Anna Mar

“A Business Capability Map is an analysis of an organization’s structure and resources, aimed at identifying its inherent abilities and potential.” – Business Dictionary

“Business-capability mapping is the process of modeling what a business does to reach its objectives (its capabilities), instead of how it achieves IT objectives (its business processes). Business capability mapping is being used more and more by information architects and can help align IT strategy with business strategy.” – Enfocus Solutions

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If you wish to learn how to build a capability map, please click here. If you wish to leverage a framework and software for building a business capability map, please click here.

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