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Business Architecture Training program

Business Architecture Training program

Every profession has some training requirements and hence it is easy to understand the importance of a Business Architecture Training program.  Capstera is a leading business architecture software platform, and with our consulting and professional services experience, we have designed a smart and simple training program to help business architects in the art and craft of business architecture.  We can help your business architecture teams get on to the same page and accelerate the business architecture efforts and reduce the time to value. 

Business Architecture Training Program

Purpose business architecture training program provides a practical perspective on the concept of business capability mapping and showcase the value thru hands on work and applications to real life business and technology needs


  • Help cross-functional team representatives learn about the art and science of business capability modeling
  • Foster a shared understanding and a sense of excitement about the value and practical applications of the concept
  • Provide templates and a toolkit to help participants to apply it to their projects and priorities


  • Overview and introduction of the concept of business capability mapping
  • Practical applications and implications
  • Hands-on exercises and team presentations

Business Architecture Training Program Workshop Outline

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Value and importance of Business Architecture
  • Business Architecture – An Overview
  • Exercise 1
  • Artifacts and approaches to BCM
  • Case Study
  • Exercise 2
  • Capstera Business architecture software tool utilization

Hands-on Collaboration

  • An initial exercise for each team to envision and model a fictitious business, team presentations, and critique and review
  • As a team create a draft business capability model for 4-5 business units or major initiatives, team presentations and critique and review

Plans for Future Action

  • A plan and commitment from each participant to engage respective business/technology/architecture team members and share the BCM approach as a way to model their business
  • Initiate a virtual “Community of Business Architecture Practice”


Not more than 20 participants representing business management/operations, product management, architecture and development across an enterprise.


4-hour session with a 30-minute break.


Contact Capstera business architecture training team for conducting this course at your enterprise.  In addition to general classroom training on the concepts, Capstera can also offer business architecture software training. 

Of course, there are other good sources of business architecture training.  This is not an exhaustive list but just a sampling of such training providers.

William Ulrich offers such programs and consulting.  BACOE offers some workshops. offers group training. And many other providers. Please do your due diligence. 

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