Capstera Business Architecture Folios: What are they and how they work?

Now you might ask, what are Capstera Business Architecture Folios? That’s a real question. Folios are a conceptual innovation by Capstera team to manifest a cluster of capabilities into a project, platform, program, product, etc.

Until now, Business Architecture has been an ivory tower discipline with a bunch of boxes and arrows. How does business architecture go beyond pretty pictures and optimize implementation and link strategy to execution? At Capstera, we believe for business architecture to be practical, valuable and viable, it has to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, and provide the building blocks for optimizing business/IT alignment. Folios, an innovation of Capstera, is a way to agglomerate underlying capabilities to manifest projects, programs, platforms, initiatives and then use capabilities to anchor the specification of what changes need to be done. A good analogy is the use of Lego blocks. If you have a bunch of Lego blocks, you can pretty much create a manifestation of anything. Similarly, a set of underlying capabilities can come together to manifest many of the enterprise products, programs, and platforms. 

Business Architecture Folios Features and Functionality:

  • Compose a Folio using underlying capabilities.
  • Drag and drop and click-to-add functionality to add capabilities to a folio
  • Ability to group necessary capabilities into groups
  • Add specifications to document the changes needed to enhance and evolve a business capability
  • Associate Folio capabilities to other business architecture elements and entities
  • Assess Folio capabilities within the context of the Folio

Of course, any of our customers are not obligated to use Folios as a construct. However, it is a nifty idea that would help foster usage of capabilities beyond a narrow set of business architecture visuals. Hence, please consider using them in your business architecture workflow. 

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