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Business Architecture Diagram

Capstera’s Business Architecture Diagram outlines the key steps, deliverables, outcomes, and roles on one simple page.  Business architecture, conceptually, is all about cohesion, integration, juxtaposition, and analysis to help understand the enterprise better and translate strategy into implementation, optimized operations, and effective technology enablement.

Please don’t confuse this diagram with a business architecture framework.  Also, the business architecture diagram is not a full-fledged maturity model, or a project plan, or a RACI chart.  

The business architecture diagram is a progressive, not necessarily linear or sequential, steps to accomplishing the goals of capability modeling and business architecture.  The colors represent who is primarily responsible/accountable for the key deliverables, even as the business architect can be the coordinator and the quarterback. 

Please feel free to modify this conceptual diagram to your own needs. 

Business Architecture Diagram

Business Architecture Diagram


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