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Capstera Business Architecture Consulting

Capstera business architecture consulting services are action oriented, results-driven, and business-centric.  

Action Oriented

Capstera consulting services believes that business architecture should not be an ivory-tower discipline that is delinked from execution and focused on boiling the ocean. Instead, Capstera business architecture consultants adhere to principle of agility and focus on achieving accelerated time-to-value. 


One of the frustrations of corporate leaders is that business architecture, despite its time-worn promises, tends to be deliverable-driven. Capstera’s focus is on outcomes, particularly with regards to leapfrogging from a staid current state to a dynamic future state. The proven techniques and deliverables act as catalysts for enterprise transformation. 

Business Centric

Many so-called business architecture consultants tend to be IT centric and oftentimes make business architecture a subset of IT architecture. Business architecture must be owned and driven by business and as a cross functional effort, IT participation is essential.  Capstera business architecture consultants believe that business architecture must be done “with” business, not “for” business. 

Capstera business architecture consulting focuses on a holistic approach to business architecture, with business capability mapping as the foundational building block. In addition, value streams and processes represent the activity flow, and the applications/systems represent how capabilities and underlying processes are realized. In addition, structure and roles bring in the people dimension, and data completes the puzzle. 

Capstera consultants possess deep industry expertise and business architecture and capability mapping skill set, which combined with the Capstera framework and supported by our business architecture software, delivers efficient solutions and effective results

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Representative Offerings

Digital Business Architecture

Digital is a transformative, but doing it right is not always easy for the non-digital natives (most large companies). Capstera consultants can help create a digital business capability model and customer-centric value streams and identify the gaps and propose an actionable roadmap.  Contact Us for more information. 

Current State Business Architecture Audit

A rapid and lightweight assessment, with self-reporting based an evaluation template, and a quick summary of potential opportunities. Contact Us for more information. 

Business Architecture Readiness Assessment

A study of the current state of the organization – strategy, operating model, systems landscape, processes and people – and suggest an approach for implementing business architecture and a maturity level to strive for and a path to get there. Contact Us for more information. 

Multi-year Product and Platform Roadmaps

Capstera team can work with product and platform teams to anchor future requirements to capabilities and recast them as a capability evolution roadmaps. Contact Us for more information. 

Business Architecture Practice Set Up

Capstera team can help implement a results-focused and outcome-driven business architecture practice. A simplified process and journey along the maturity curve, along with a lightweight governance model are some of the deliverables. Contact Us for more information. 

Strawman-based Capability Model Customization

Leverage our intellectual capital of Sample/Pre-built business capability models and customize to a company’s unique needs. Contact Us for more information. 

Value Stream Definition

Development of key value streams which represent the “How” in the business architecture continuum. Contact Us for more information. 

Post-Merger Business Integration

Identify important capabilities relevant to the future of the merged entities, and then map out the systems and processes of both firms and conduct a multi-factor evaluation and selection exercise. Contact Us for more information. 

Capability-driven Application Portfolio Rationalization

Map systems, applications, and services to capabilities to conduct a footprint analysis, and then based on multiple factors – cost, utility, architecture conformance, obsolescence – create a decision matrix for how applications should be handled in a future state IT portfolio. Contact Us for more information. 

Capability-based Vendor Evaluation

Instead of classic RFP statements like “System shall have the ability to do ____________”, a capability-based vendor evaluation is based on a coherent structure and decomposition of key capabilities. This avoids marketing speak, ambiguity, and overlap of questions. Contact Us for more information. 

Case Studies

Intellectual Capital

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