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Business Architecture Business Case

business architecture business case

How to make a Compelling Business Architecture Business Case?

If you are trying to establish a new practice for business architecture and business capability mapping in your organization, you will need to make a compelling business architecture business case? There is a famous saying, “one cannot cost justify architecture”, and while it may partially hold true in making a business architecture business case, there is a need to show real and achievable value. It may not all be quantitative but could be based predominantly a qualitative businss case for justifying business architecture. 

Here are 5 simple steps that will stand you in good stead in selling the concept of business architecture and business capability modeling.

5 Steps to make a Business Architecture Business Case:

Demonstrate Value by initially applying business architecture and capability mapping concepts to high impact areas and transformation programs. Providing specific and actionable approaches, leveraging a simplified framework and practical methodology to realize immediate value should be a key consideration.

Link Funding to Capabilities rather than projects to instill the discipline of long-term capability based thinking. Funding capabilities will avoid two different projects building similar capabilities. This will lead to cost avoidance and accelerate time to market.

What are others saying?

Mandating that all projects above a certain threshold need to leverage the foundational building blocks of business architecture and capability modeling will jump start the initiative

Executive Buy-In for the concept of business architecture and business capability model should be a paramount consideration. Executive support in word and deed will go a long way in cementing the business architecture and capability modeling discipline and will allow for building a solid foundation and long-term rewards

Conduct Training and Development to deliver “hands-on” practical sessions on fundamentals of business architecture and how to do capability mapping. In addition, hands-on working sessions on how to apply capability mapping to real business needs will add deliver immense value. A change management exercise may also be warranted.

Have you recently made a business architecture business case? How did it go? Let us know.  If you need help in preparing a business architecture business case, please contact Capstera business architecture experts.

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