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Business Architecture Books: A treasure trove to learn the discipline of business architecture

Business Architecture Books

Business Architecture Books: If you are a practitioner of business architecture, you may be interested in reading books about the art and science, the theory and practice of the discipline. As business architecture is an emergent discipline, there are not that many books covering business architecture and business capability modeling.

A list of Business Architecture Books for practitioners of business architecture, capability modeling, and related disciplines.

However, the following is a short-list of some books covering business architecture. Please consider your business architecture knowledge and what books might be truly helpful. Are you looking for basic books on business architecture? Or are you an advanced practitioner looking for books on advanced concepts of business architecture? To be sure, before you buy a book, please read your peers’ opinions and make an informed decision.

Business Architecture Books: A Short List

Note: The list should not be a construed as a recommendation of Capstera business architecture software by the authors or vice versa.

Please feel free to share what business architecture books have you read recently and benefited from?


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