What is Capstera ?

Capstera is a business architecture and capability modeling software which enables enterprises to model their current and desired business capabilities with rich semantics and leverage these as Lego blocks to compose products/ initiatives, overlay them with value streams and processes, and capture requirements to evolve capabilities. It supports all key components of business architecture and more.

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Capstera Business Architecture and Capability Modeling Software

Define Capabilities

Capstera business architecture and capability modeling software allows users to build a capability map and decompose the capabilities into deeper levels of granularity. In addition, Capstera allows users to capture rich semantic information to communicate the essence of a capability. There are multiple views available to review and refine. A rich set of tools provide the user an ability to annotate, bookmark, embed sub maps, and conduct health checks.

business architecture and capability modeling software

Compose Value Streams and Process Maps

Using Capstera business architecture tool’s intuitive HTML5 Canvas, build Value Streams and Process Maps easily and associate them with capabilities. In addition to creation of models, Capstera allows users to evaluate the technical and business health check and capture rich attribute information.

Capstera Business Architecture and Capability Modeling Software Value Streams

Draft Specifications to Evolve Capabilities

Capstera’s capability modeling software does not just allow creating multi-level hierarchical capability models, but also specifications to improve and evolve the capabilities. Specifications are anchored to capabilities and are traceable.

Craft Lenses and Heat Maps

Capstera business architecture software allows users to juxtapose capabilities to a variety of other parameters (IT Services, Systems, Data, Owners) and map relationships. The ability to visualize and analyze interrelationships, relationships, associations and interdependencies between capabilities is a rich feature of Capstera.

Capture Subject Areas and Data Entities

Data is the lifeblood of most organizations. Capstera’s business architecture software solution allows users to capture a business information model which includes subject areas and data entities and associate them with other areas.

Capture Business Motivation and Strategy

For business architects, it is important to understand business motivation and strategy. Capstera’s business architecture solution features a rich HTML5 Canvas to capture company’s business strategy and motivation. In addition, one can draft IT strategy that is linked to business strategy.

View and Analyze Reports

Capstera offers a slew of reports across capabilities, processes, products/platforms, requirements and lenses to understand the organization interrelationships and associate the “What” “How” and “Why” together. The intelligence and insights gleaned from these reports provides a compelling way to understand, and analyze an organization and it’s interrelationships.

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If you wish to align your Business and IT, and link Strategy to Execution, please subscribe to Capstera’s robust business architecture and capability modeling software.