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Banking Business Capabilities Model

banking business capabilities model

Capstera’s banking business capabilities model is a business architecture deliverable for banks. Today, banks are under severe stress from a variety of macro and micro trends. Global competition, margin compression, regulatory burdens, rising consumer expectations, competition from upstarts as well as established firms targeting adjacencies are causing tectonic shifts in the banking landscape.

In line with the adage, “People need banking and not banks,” there is a tremendous amount of unbundling going on in banking services.  Today, a Walmart and an Amazon are a bigger threat than the money center bank. Moreover, so are digital upstarts with no legacy to encumber them.

So banks have no choice but to change, for the better. A real transformation of banking cannot occur without a foundational component to help drive fountainhead decision.  We believe a business capabilities model for banking is that essential strategic blueprint.

A banking business capabilities map helps by abstracting the essence of what a bank does into a set of granular business capabilities. These capabilities can follow the typical value chain and value streams to capture the core banking functions. The capabilities are useful to both business teams and technology teams.

Banking Business Capabilities Model Use Cases: 

Banks can use the business capabilities model for banking in:

  • Strategic decision making
  • Capital allocation
  • Capability prioritization
  • Digital transformation
  • Technology enablement
  • Application portfolio rationalization
  • Buy/build decisions and vendor evaluation

Capstera offers a banking business capability model which is customizable to the needs of each bank based on products and services offered and the strategic focus.

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